Ionian Dreams – Sailing in Greece

Last time I visited Greece was almost 20 years ago with my girlfriend. It was a surprise trip for her. My plan was to propose as soon as we got there.

When we approached the airport, she assumed we´d go parachute jumping and got scared. Showing the passport and flight tickets helped us onward.

Our plane landed on a small island. We took a boat to a quieter one. My girlfriend, small boats, and rough seas didn´t really go well together. It was one long boat ride for her.


Finally, we got to our accommodation and I took her out for a dinner. Midway through it, I suddenly found myself lying on my back on the floor, people staring down at me asking if I was alright. I had fainted.

Eventually, we got back to our accommodation. It was already dark. It had been a long day for both of us.


I took out a candle smuggled from home, a bottle of red wine and two glasses. We walked down to the beach. There were only the two of us by sea. We sat down on the warm sand and I lit the candle.

Couldn’t get through half the sentence before I burst into tears. We hugged and cried.

This trip, 20 years later, was much less dramatic, but equally emotional. It was our first time traveling by just the two of us, me and my younger daughter.

Screenshot 2018-12-04 at 18.47.49

The feeling of us lying on our backs on the deck of a sailing boat, next to each other, in complete darkness, surrounded by the calm Ionian sea. Endless stars, quiet whispers, and the longest shooting star I´ve ever experienced.


Filmed together with my daughter on Sony a6500 and DJI Mavic Pro.

Music: Meadowlark / Paraffin.

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