Run across Crete

Hottest time of the year, sketchy route planning and uncertain resupply points along the way (think of no water at +40c mountainside…) – all key elements of a my family holiday in Crete!

Snuck out at 6AM while others were still asleep to dodge the hottest time of the day with an early start. Turned out the temperature soared to uncomfortably hot as soon as the sun was up so that part of the plan fell to pieces early on.

I planned the off-road route from Rethymno on the northern coast to Plakias in south using trails found in Komoot while trying to secure a couple of resupply points in villages along the way. Whether the route would be passable and if the plotted cafes and shops would be open though was quite uncertain. In any case, regardless of the heat, I needed to be quite conservative with my water consumption.

Somehow I figured my watch would be enough of a map for navigation.

Long day out, lots of stingy bushes and several offers of raki from the few people I passed along the way (first ones well before lunchtime). Fun times – enjoy!

Tour plan in Komoot here

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