Iceland Adventure

Short video of my four day stopover in Iceland in July 2018.

Rented a car from Reykjavik and drove all the way up north to Hauganes where I stayed in a quiet AirBnB by the ocean away from the crowds.

During the month leading to my trip, I followed the Icelandic news on the web. To my surprise, I ended up learning there had just been a snowstorm in highlands (in the middle of June!) and some hunters had spotted a polar bear up north – sounded like I had quite an adventure ahead!

Basically, it took me one long afternoon of driving from Keflavik Airport to Hauganes stopping every now and then for photos on the way. Hauganes looked exactly what I had expected – away from the crowds and nature all around.


I spent day 2 exploring the surroundings and eventually decided to take my first go on whale watching. Didn’t really expect much else than a nice day out at sea and was really positively surprised on how close we got to those incredible creatures (check the video above for proof)!


For the 3rd day, I drove east to Lake Myvatn area crisscrossing the waterfalls and steamy (smelly) thingies around. When I finally got back to Hauganes, I realised it was Saturday evening and decided to head for the local pub, Baccala Bar, for some Icelandic fun.

The beer was exactly as expensive as you’d expect in Iceland and a couple of strong pints later I wobbled back up the hill towards my accommodation, tired but happy.


Four days wasn’t quite enough to get a comprehensive understanding on what Iceland has to offer, but it was definitely enough to get a good taste and a strong urge for coming back another time – hope there’ll be more stopovers taking me this way!


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Shot with Sony a6500 and DJI Mavic Pro

Music: Easier to Fade (feat. Madi Larson) by A Himitsu
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0…
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