My AirBnb in Glendalough, Wicklow Mountains, Ireland

Trail Running in Wicklow Mountains

I’ve wondered why people complain about the weather in Ireland – it’s always been sunny when I’ve been around.

Until this time.

November in Ireland is dark, wet and windy. Best time to go if you want to visit the most popular parts of Wicklow Mountains without the hordes of tourists coming over during the summer months

It’s only a short bus ride from St Stephen´s Green in Dublin to Glendalough. However, when stepping out the bus in the tiny mountain village it feels like you’re worlds away. This November Friday, it was myself, accompanied with two locals who quickly departed with their umbrellas leaving me standing alone in the rain.

I picked up my backpack and started walking towards my cabin.

Glendalough, Wicklow Mountains, Ireland

I was in Glendalough for a weekend of trail running in the surrounding Wicklow Mountains. Walking uphill through puddles of water with soaking feet, I started questioning my plan even before getting to my accommodation. According to weather forecasts, the rain was here to stay, at least over the weekend.

My cabin, or more of a small house, was located on a hillside just outside of town. The door was unlocked, there was fire burning in the fireplace, and my host had left some snacks on the table.

Funny, how quickly the mood can shift from one extreme to the other – I was really thankful for the hospitality, and after a couple of biscuits topped with jam, I found myself already looking forward to the first run the next morning!

I took my place by the fireplace and quickly fell asleep – it had been a long day after an early wake up leaving home in Finland at 5AM.

My AirBnb in Glendalough, Wicklow Mountains, Ireland

It indeed did rain through the weekend, but with right gear, enough energy, and a bit of patience, I found myself really enjoying the circumstances. For a Finn, the temperature this time of the year was actually rather mild, I didn’t mind the rain (it was raining constantly at home as well), and best of all – there was no one around!

I had passed through Glendalough on my run through Wicklow Way in May a couple years ago. Back then, the trails were packed with tourists on day trips from Dublin. Now it was all quiet and I had the trails all for myself.

Glendalough, Wicklow Mountains, Ireland

Days out running in the mountains, evenings in local pubs with hearty Irish food, kind company, and pint or two of Guinness.

Over the past years, Ireland has easily found a place on the list of my favourite trail running destinations!

Glendalough, Wicklow Mountains, Ireland


  1. Terve, Hi Teemu, glad you enjoyed my local outdoor area of Wicklow. Spotted your blog when looking up bikepacking Aland islands, thinking of doing it later this year, might shoot you some questions at a later date. My brother Paul is also a photographer and ultrarunner, goes by ultrarunner on YouTube.


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